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How to Avoid Skin Tan? 8 Easy & Homemade Remedies

8 Easy Ways to Avoid Skin Tan



To avoid skin tan, no one can stay at home all the day on the other side on required lot of precautions to avoid skin burning or darkening.



An umbrella, a sun block with proper SPF or a scarf are necessities under sunlight. When these precautions are all very dynamic, it might not always lead you to successfully fight the trauma of a sun tan.

Instead of splurging on expensive skin products having harmful chemical and bleaching agents we should turn our interest towards household products and understand their chemistry.


Let’s have a glance over some notable and best home face packs to avoid tanning.


Cucumber and lemon juice

By applying fresh cucumber paste mixed with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice will help you in lowering your skin tan. Apply this mixture on your tanned areas for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


Due to natural skin bleaching elements, lemon is the best treatment for tanned skin whereas anti-inflammatory and cooling feature of cucumber soothe skin.



Papaya and Honey


skin care treatment for avoiding skin tan
The goodness of helpful enzymes in papaya removes sun tan from face. The enzyme papain in papaya helps in removing skin tan and reduces the visibility of blemishes and scars due to its potent skin lightening properties.

It also helps in renewal and exfoliation of the skin. Honey helps to soften and moisturising skin. A mixture of ½ cup of mashed papaya and a tablespoon of honey applied on the clean and dry face for 30 minutes and then rinse with water will give the best result.

It also helps in renewal and exfoliation of the skin. Honey helps to soften and moisturising skin.

A mixture of ½ cup of mashed papaya and a tablespoon of honey applied on the clean and dry face for 30 minutes and then rinse with water will give the best result.



Milk Powder, Honey and Almond Oil


skin care treatment and remedies

Almond oil and almond milk are best for skin. Milk powder moisturises skin and reduces sun tan effect. It imparts smooth texture and clear tone to the skin.

By adding 1 tablespoon of honey and few drops of almond oil in 2 tablespoons of milk to make a mixture to apply on face for 20 minutes and wash with tap water.

This will be among the most effective ways to avoid tanning.

By adding 1 tablespoon of honey and few drops of almond oil in 2 tablespoons of milk to make a mixture to apply on face for 20 minutes and wash with tap water. This will be among the most effective ways to avoid tanning.

This will be among the most effective ways to avoid tanning.



Multani Mitti and Rose Water


Everyone is aware of healthy benefits of Multani mitti. It is an essential remedy for skin care which is ideally best for treating blemishes, acne, redness and irritation.

All these aspects are major symptoms of sun burning that will further lead towards tanning. Rose water helps in toning the skin. To make the face pack, just mix a teaspoon of Multani

To make the face pack, just mix a teaspoon of Multani mitti with rosewater and make a healthy paste. Apply it on the skin in the upwards direction.

Make sure to keep the mask thin and wait till the face pack dries completely. Then wash it off by gently massaging.


Make sure to keep the mask thin and wait till the face pack dries completely. Then wash it off by gently massaging.



Gram Flour and Yogurt

skin care treatment for avoiding skin tan


When we talk about natural exfoliators Gram flour beats everything. It bogs off the dead cells and gives us fresh and glowing skin. A good face pack is a secret of beauty. 2 tablespoons of

It bogs off the dead cells and gives us fresh and glowing skin. A good face pack is a secret of beauty. 2 tablespoons of gram flour mixed with an adequate amount of yoghurt to make a smooth paste and apply on affected areas. Let the mixture dry and then softly rub it off with lukewarm water.

Let the mixture dry and then softly rub it off with lukewarm water.



Wheat Flour and Rose Water

 skin care treatment for avoiding skin tan

Tough and sturdy tanning ok skin can be cured by wheat flour and rose waster face pack. Wheat paste is used as a scrub for face and clean all your pores clean. It works best for oily skin.

Make a thick paste of wheat flour with a specific amount of rose water and then apply on the affected areas. For best results make a thick layer and apply for 15 minutes. You can implement this remedy twice a week.

Wheat paste is used as a scrub for face and clean all your pores clean. It works best for oily skin. This pack can be implemented on the whole body.

Make a thick paste of wheat flour with a specific amount of rose water and then apply on the affected areas. For best results make a thick layer and apply for 15 minutes.

You can implement this remedy twice a week.




Almond and Lemon Juice


To relieve the side effects of sun tanning Almonds helps a lot. They make your skin look shinier and healthier.

Plenty of Vitamin E can be obtained by them as well as they are strong but natural bleaching agents.

To make a granular paste grind almonds with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and for consistency add rose water.

Apply this on affected part and scrub for 1 min then let it settle for 2-3 minutes then rinse with water.



Sandal Wood and Turmeric

skin care treatment and remedies

Sandalwood is commonly used in beauty products. It lightens your skin tone naturally and fights against skin tan.

It is having a cooling effect for skin and an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property of sandalwood soothes skin and eliminates tanning. Turmeric often called the holy powder.

It is not only important for its wonderful medicinal properties, but also for its marvellous effects on the skin. Turmeric adds a healthy radiance to the skin and helps in reducing pigmentation and tan.

Mix 1 tablespoon of sandalwood with 1\2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and make a paste of them by adding rose water. Apply this mixture for 30 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Apply this once in two days for effective exfoliation and tan removal.


By applying these remedies one should keep this in mind that skin tanning is an issue that takes the time to heal.


For instant results bleaching is a solution. By applying these packs occasionally will not give you the best results, they have to be incorporated in your daily skin tan care routine.


To make your skin feel pampered and nourished prepare these packs at home. And remember one thing, patience is the key for natural remedies.




LUX Style Awards 2017 Round Up

LUX Style Awards 2017 Round Up

Lux style awards (LSA) Pakistan’s most acknowledged and Biggest Film and Drama Awards. They can also be labelled as OSCARS of Pakistan Entertainment Industry.  These awards held every year to admit the hard work of Pakistani artists they did throughout the year.


This year the LUX style awards turned 16. The event was full of stars, glittering with their presence and shining all the way.

Performances that blew your mind, skits that played with your thoughts and fashion that make you intense…. We will definitely not going to forget this event very soon.


Red Carpet is the soul of every Award Show. LSA started of course with the blitz of the red carpet. We came across conversations of various drama and film artists with co-actors and media. The whole gulp of celebs was looking nice but the way Mahira Khan, Mawra


The whole gulp of celebs was looking nice but the way Mahira Khan, Mawra Hoccane, Ayesha Omar and Maya Ali were carrying themselves was up to something stupendous.


In the Male lot, the way Mikaal Zulfiqar astonished the fans with his Bond look, Shahryar Munawar with his Fancy Jacket, Ahsan Khan and Faysal Quraishi with their traditional formal looks grabbed the hearts of millions.


Here is the roundup of some celebs on what they were wearing and they were carrying their looks


Mahira Khan

Lady in Black knows how to steal the show with her presence and style. She looked perfect in slim fitted black edgy and classic dress complimenting with marvellous accessories like earrings by DIOR and Bangles by KIRAN FASHION JWELLERY.




Maya Ali

Adorable with her acting and bold in her looks at LSA Maya Ali fascinates everyone with her fierce red off shoulder gown with leaving her hair simple and smooth. She was wearing Nomi Ansari on the big day.



Ayesha Umer

The Sharper look with hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a hot and sexy lavender gown Ayesha surprised us with her look but in a positive way. She made herself look pleasant among all.



Mawra Hoccane

Mawra in a pink poufy princess dress seemed to be in a dolled look. Her dress was for sure a nice and cools for the event but the way she was handling the clutch or whatever made us think about her stylist.



Sadaf Kanwal

Going out of path with her Bob cut and manages to bring people on their toes with her crazy and experimenting looks. She is none other than Sadaf Kanwal. She is a breath of fresh air now days, flaunting with her smile and grooving with her body.




Mikaal Zulfiqaur

Looking like a classy James Bond, a white-hot tux is tricky to pull off but Mikaal does it with ease. He made the boring white a stylish and classy white.



Imran Abbas

In a Cobalt Blue Tuxedo and a polka dotted bow Imran Abbas was looking stunning as usual. His looks pulled up for him everything.



Halit Ergenc

Talking about Mera Sultan nobody can beat the looks of Sultan himself. Taking age gracefully and looking dapper in a formal black suit he pinned it.




Celebrities like Aminah Sheikh, Zahlay, Armena Rana Khan, Gohar Rasheed and many others were considered worst dressed celebs due to their bad styling skills or choices.

After red carpet now we will have a brief roundup of Main Event.


The show was hosted by our singing sensation Atif Aslam along with Osaman Khalid Butt. The chemistry of both stars was awesome. OKB poke jokes on our tv shows and many actors in hosting join him.


The former LUX faces Reema Khan and the new LUX sensation Mawra Hoccane set the stage on fire with their breath taking moves. The past and the future amalgamate in a true way.


This year LUX style awards came with a little international touch. Mera Sultan fame actor Halit Ergenc joined the show and was presented international icon award.



LSA was controversial too in a sense because our famous and intelligent actress Saba Qamar boycotts the show for not being acknowledged since last 12 years.



No doubt LUX Style Awards will keep on awarding the people from Film, Fashion, Drama and Music Industry with their anticipated and coveted show.



Music Winners

Best Emerging Talent: Hamza Akram Kawal for Khuddi

Best Music Video Director: Kamal Khan – Ho Jao Azad by Zoe Viccaji

Song of the year: Saaiyan by Quratulain Baloch

Best Album: Na Bhulana – Uzair Jaswal

TV Winners

Best Writer: Farhat Ishtiaque – Udaari

Best Original Sound Track: Man Mayal OST by Qurtulain Baloch

Best TV Actor: Ahsan Khan – Udaari

Best TV Actress : Maya Ali – Maan Mayal

Best Director: Ehtishamuddin – Udaari

Best TV Play: Dillagi

Fashion Winners

Best Emerging Talent: Hira Shah

Best Hair and Make-up Artist: Saima Rashid

Best Fashion Photographer: Shahbaz Shazi

Model of the Year (Female): Sadaf Kanwal

Model of the Year (Male): Hasnain Lehri

Life Time Achievement Award: Tariq Amin


Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret: Generation

Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret: Shehla Chatoor

Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn: Elan

Achievement in Fashion Design – Bridal: Faraz Manan

Achievement in Fashion Design – Menswear: Ismail Farid

Film Category

Best Singer (Male): Atif Aslam for Dancer Dil  (Actor in Law)

Best Singer (Female): Aima Baig for Kalabaz Dil (Lahore Se Aggey)

Best Supporting Actor: Shehryar Munawar – Ho Maan Jahan

Best Supporting Actress: Sanam Saeed – Dobara Phir Se

Unilever Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Tina Sani

Best Director: Nabeel Qureshi – Actor in Law

Best Actor: Fahad Mustafa – Actor in Law

Best Actress: Mahirah Khan – Ho Man Jahan

Best Film: Actor in Law


The show was directed by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), the event managed by Jalal Salahuddin Events and produced by NJ Productions. It is slated to air on Geo Television.

The organisers did their best to compile the best of our entertainment industry under one roof …. They actually deserve applause for that.
ali zafar dressing  

Here Are Makeup Kit Essentials For A Working Woman


Makeup kit – the most prized possession of women. Whether you’re a makeup learner or have been experimenting with cosmetics for years, it’s critical to have a collection with makeup essentials that will allow you to create a go-to everyday look.


makeup kit

After gaining the makeup basics, it is that much easier to effortlessly add more playful or fashionable makeup products to your collection and integrate them into your beauty looks.

To look beautiful and have flawless skin every woman knows the right tools to get through each day. Here are few not very hard to use products every working woman needs in her makeup kit.


Makeup Kit Essentials

A working women must have a ready-to-go makeup kit so she can have touch ups in her morning drive to her office. She also needs to touch up in office. Here is a complete list of makeup kit essentials that a working women need to carry with her:



A primer diminishes pores and creates a smooth base flawless for the rest of your makeup application.

This is a step you can skip if your skin is naturally faultless, but if you have any imperfections, it’s a tremendous product that will make your skin look wonderful.

Primer - beauty tips


Foundation is a skin coloured makeup used to apply on skin make it even and uniform to complexion. Foundation is one of most important products used in makeup.

Makeup foundation




Related:   8 Simple Fashion Advice & Style Tips on How to Look Fashionable



Black or brown mascara is necessary in everyday look. Mascara is useful in enhancing your beauty. It darkens, lengthens or defines eyelashes. It gives your eyes a fresh look despite of having a full hectic day.


Makeup kit Essentials

BB Cream

One of the necessary products now a day is BB or CC cream. These creams are having both the perfection power of foundation and moisturising skin care products. Above all, it provides you the feature of sun protection. It can be used as a sun block. It saves your while getting ready for office.

BB Skin protection Cream



There are two types of people one who uses kajal and other who don’t.

Kajal is made up of natural ingredients and organic in nature. It sooths eyes and protects them from infections. Kajal is not that much easy to apply but once you have perfection in it you can conquer world with your beautiful eyes.

Kajal is perfect for when you want to flaunt some look-at me charm.


Brow Pencil

A brow pencil is an essential product for those who are having light or uneven eyebrows. Brow pencils can be used to fill in the empty spaces in the brows and also they are necessary for the perfect smoky eye looks.  Use of brow pencil enhances your features.



If you are having terribly oily skin and need to control oil, you should have a good compact in you beauty kit. It would be a great addition to a working woman’s makeup kit because it will help you to avoid tensions of securing brushes etc. because you can apply compact with the sponge came with them. Compact makes your skin flawless as it adds an extra coverage over your skin. It is most appropriate for instant touch ups.

Compact Makeup

 Eye Shadows

For basic makeup collection, you should have a collection of natural tan and off-white eye shadows. These shades are perfect for everyday work look. Companies give you a collection of good and every type of colours in a pallet for perfect makeup novice. Once you guessed perfect complimentary shades for your eyes, you can conquer the world with you looks.

eye shadows - makeup kit for working women


A good and appropriate lipstick is a blessing for those who love to wear makeup during their working hours. You have to choose a proper lipstick according to your skin tone and skin type. Always choose a colour that goes deeper with your skin tone. You can use every type of colour but subtle colours look appropriate in office environment.

Lipsticks Beauty tips

Blush On

Blush on is useful in making your skin subtle and also it stimulates skin tone. Blush on is truly a magical makeup product. Adding some colour on your cheeks make you look prettier and more alive. Seriously! That’s because blush has the ability and the power to brighten up your entire face and highlight your visage with just a few strategically placed swipes. Blush is a major for lazy or hack people because its usage gives you a fresher at your working place.

Blush on

Makeup Wipes

Face cleaning wipes are easy to use because they have cleansing products already in them. They may be in dry or pre-moistened form having all essential elements required for skin cleansing. Even people having acne or sensitive skin issues can easily choose according to their skin type. For working ladies necessity of makeup wipes cannot be ignored.


Makeup wipes



Tweezers a small tool used for picking up small objects but in makeup we use them to pluck unwanted hairs of face or eyebrows. Having a pair of tweezers will help you to avoid back to back visits of salon to pluck unwanted hairs. It is one time investment as compared to threading or waxing.



Do you already have all of these makeup essentials? Are there any non-negotiable makeup kit products in your bag?

Also, is there any basic makeup products you think should be added to this list? What are some superfluous makeup products that you just love? 


Leave a comment to let us know!

Spring Wardrobe Essentials: What Women Need To Have In Their Wardrobe In This Spring?

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Wardrobe essential posts always remain most popular posts among all. People want to know what they need to have and what they supposed to omit in the coming season to manage their wardrobe according to latest spring 2017 fashion trends.

Looking upon changing weather winter is not yet gone, but we can plan what to wear and carry this spring season.


Spring 2017 Fashion trend

How we feel has a lot to do with how we dress, and vice versa. That is why we have to resolute to make our present best than the last.


We believe that whatever we choose to wear will have an impact how we feel and what we do.


With keeping that in mind there are few wardrobe essentials we are allowing ourselves to have in our closet.

Let’s think of the below pieces as how our Superwoman uniforms for Spring 2017 Fashion Trends:


Dhoti Shalwar

As we have seen on last year’s runway dhoti shalwar was one of the hottest pieces…. Top fashion labels remain unable to decrease the craze.

Dhoti shalwar is very casual to wear as well as formal because of the variety we have in its fabric, cuts and looks.

This would be best paired with boxy short shirts and cinched waists with heels or flats both. There are a lot of styles we can carry them.


Dhoti Shalwar - Spring 2017 fashion trends



Basic White Tee and Blue Jeans

This classic combination of blue and white never goes out of style and it is most probably the best springtime look.

Wearing this we can feel relaxed and stylish. It is most common among models and working ladies during spring. Nothing can beat the crispy white with stylish blue.


 Spring 2017 fashion trendsSource:  Pepe jeans



Fashion Sneakers

Fashion sneakers are essentials for every season but they are specially the fun time in spring season.

Go sporty because fashion takes a relaxed approach when it comes to shoes. Playing with patterns differently and metallic take this look to the different level.

 female fashion sneakers trends




Rocking with both eastern and western wear, khussas are definitely having fashion moments.

Indie fashion labels to the khussa wala in our nearby markets are having cute and trendy khussas.

Now are days we are having different works on khussas like emeralds on them or having patterns of animals and vehicles to make them funky and trendy but a pair of simple and plain leather khussa is worthless because it can go with everything everywhere.



Spring 2017 Fashion trend - Female Khussas



Glorious Choker Necklaces

This season one should be glorious and courageous in accessories department by adding some fascinating and glorious choker pieces in your wardrobe.

Beautiful accessories breathe life in your dressing. Statement pieces with metallic sheens and irregular shapes and patterns embellished with raw stones and crystals add glamour to your closet.

Spring Fashion 2017



Digital Printed Kurtas

As annual lawn craze prevailing everywhere but the place of printed kurtas is much cooler. Kurtas are perfect for ladies of all ages and preferences. They make you versatile and comfortable to make it portable with accessories.

Trend of kurtas is volatile and accepted globally. Experimentation in kurtas is increasing to match the demand and the taste of fashionists.


 Fashion Pakistan


The Cold Shoulders

The off the shoulder look is a great way of showing skin without showing too much.

Trend is morphing now in cut out shoulders, it is more versatile and subtle. They are taking fashion world by storm.

Experiment with different styles to introduce this fun trend to your wardrobe.


Spring Fashion Trends 2017


Structured Handbags

This year, hand bag styles are becoming more structured. Color wise white and pastel colors are more preferable.

Bright and coral bags are loveable as much as grey and blush. Black and cognac are classics; they can never go wrong with anything you carry.

 Spring fashion 2017



A good pair of sunglasses makes a nice fashion statement; of course they protect eyes although. Aviators are never considered out of style rather they are becoming trendier with time.

All optical frames are not as much trendier as are aviators.

Before wearing aviators you should be aware of the fact that “FOUR EYES ARE BETTER THAN TWO”.

Statement glasses with the entire embellished ring are much more in trends.


Spring fashion


Layerable Dress

Dresses with the tie around the waist are as trendier as they look. Basically, they are the easiest and most acceptable seasonal piece. Especially organza wraps are most in fashion from last year; their popping jackets are now popping up in cuts and shapes. They are just about volume and texture; when it comes to embellishment nothing can beat them.


Nabila Stylist Layerable Dresses


Final Thoughts…

It all depends on our necessity and availability of accessories and wardrobe in our closet. In this article we have discussed the essentials of spring that can add flavor in spice in our wardrobe; it will be fun to add some trendy pieces in our closet.

Summer Lawn Craze? Do You Think It Is Worth?


The sun is heating up and the summer is knocking the doors.

Guess What!

Summer lawn craze is coming


Summer Lawn Collections

The season has to be seemed as enveloping the thoughts and senses of Pakistani fashion –  the summer lawn collections craze season.

With the arrival of March, a large number of huge billboards are easily approachable at the sides of roads with smiling ladies flashes upon you.

Summer Lawn Collection


Top Pakistani or international divas are ravishing you that you will look stylish or svelte and graceful in these Pakistani lawn suits.


Pakistan Women Summer Collection

A woman loves summers because of the lawn.



Each year when winter loses its grip, hundreds of fashion houses reveal their summer collections of “lawn” to an eager customers ranging from housewives and working women, to teenagers and schoolgirls. The competition of Pakistani lawn suits is getting more intense and demanding year by year.



Huge numbers of designers with summer lawn collections are in stores now varying from stuff to price range.


Before spring starts, electronic and print media got overloaded by designer’s ads. It’s a matter of great concern for every female to choose unique and stunning lawn outfits for the season.


Every brand is having their signature color schemes, fabrics, quality, patterns or designs. Some go with bright colors or floral designs whereas others focus on geometrical pattern and subtle colors.


Every year fresh designers and unique designs are launched to sharpen the styling and fashion sense of ladies.


“We look at brands, at designs, at colours, at cuts, at textures, even at who is wearing what to determine what will be the hottest number in the market for the year,” remarks designer Amir Ahmad, a great lawn producer in Pakistan.


Woman feels amazing when she wears a designer outfit. People are becoming brand conscious, they are concerned to wear branded clothes so that they seem to be more gorgeous, decent and impactful.


The biggest market players of lawn are Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, AlKaram, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Nishat Linen, Kayseria, Maria B., Firdous and Khas. There are a huge of lot of designers in market but they considered as the trend setters of fashion in Pakistan.


Summer Lawn Collections 2017


 “The bigger houses set the trends and the smaller mills then make cheaper copies. So it’s all about continuing to beat the competition by innovating and re-inventing,” says fashion writer Mohsin Sayeed.


With the entry of new designers in the lobby, the lawn obsession continues to grow at an alarming rate.


As a result this designer lawn craze has reached a whole new level with the manufacturers and retailers fully exploiting the craze.


Lala Summer Lawn Collections 2017

Is It Worth?

A major drawback of this is skyrocketing prices because of the designer label and huge publicity investment. Costumer is the one who has to bear these high prices, some do willingly but for others soon lawn will become a luxury item which will be unapproachable to a common person.


To spend that much on lawn suits is not bad but given the pushing, shoving and obsession, aren’t Pakistani women going a bit overboard every passing year?


People usually save their money for the sales of lawn. Designers launch their 3 to 4 collections a season. But before launching new collection there is a sale on last volume which is actually a good initiative who are willing to have new dresses economically.




there is also a drawback because with every new collection ladies take keen interest in buying new suits. Recently, we came through many news of cat fights between females at sales and launching of cloths.




Generally speaking we need to cut back on this lawn craze and resist this temptation.


Now it will be your decision whether lawn craze in Pakistan is worth it or not?    


8 Simple Fashion Advice & Style Tips on How to Look Fashionable

Fashion & Life Style

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.’’ You can’t get discouraged; when you are giving your inner style queen a room to breathe hopefully you will find her alive, bouncing and a lot to say to herself.

Sometimes it becomes irresistible and it can be hard to know what things to do all the time when there is so much information at your clearance.


fashion-tips and advice


Clothing is a form of communication to a refreshingly comforting outlook on trends, these fashion tips will help to put your best step forward and also make you feel easy.


Do you know what types of dresses you need to wear?


Scroll down to read eight simple fashion tips for girls to follow on women’s fashion and style!!!


Clothing: a form of communication

There is a famous theory that no matter what you do in life, you are always communicating something.

Your outfit is not simply a thing with certain artistic demand; it is a form of self-expression.

Your clothing speaks a lot about you in your surroundings whether you show intentionally or not, so dressing is best tactic to some form of goal.

clothing fashion trends  


Outfits: responses to social situations

Correspondingly how your clothing can communicate your ideas to people around you, they also serve as response to social situations.

There is always a reason when you want to dress yourself for office or certainly when you are going for a dinner party.

So, your clothing should be used as a symbol to show yourself to a social event or gathering and you should be confident of saying,

“I am present and ready for whatever is coming my way”


Fit: most important thing

You may have a trendiest or most expensive outfit to wear- but if the dress doesn’t fit you properly, you can’t look stylish at all.

All your efforts for the dress and money you have invested would have been wasted. The main fault of females in our society is not to accept their present body or figure regarding to which they commit a huge mistake.


Wear what fits you


In this respect, you have to figure out what looks good on you and besides everything confidence is the best accessory to make or break an outfit.


Jeans: worthy investment

It is very difficult to find a garment as widely embraced, worn and loved the whole world as jeans. Jeans are simple not complicated.


women jeans fashion



People wear jeans in different ways; the most traditional styles remain among the most popular. You always needed quality denim in your closet to last you from year to year.


Dressing: half your personal, half your audience

We strongly believe that dressing should be an expression of your style itself. But it is completely wrong to ignore the settings you are going to be in.

As if you are interested in wearing a gown to office doesn’t mean it is okay for you to do so.

So it is advised to consider both your own desires and situations around you when getting dressed.



Trends: the right time to play with

Everyone always wants to try as many trends as they can or their heart desires, we never wanted to discourage them but there are always places to do so.

If you are going to attend a relative’s wedding, it must be the best time to wear latest fashion trends.

So trying out the trends is more appropriate for dressy but in formal occasions.


Seemingly tricks: change your look

Sometimes as simple as looping your belt a certain way or tucking your shirt in can make a huge difference in your personality or appearance.

Giant overhauls are not everything to make the cuff of your shirt or roll of your pants can totally transform you.

style statement


Style signature: necessary tool

No matter what is your personal style, most importantly you should have a signature. Whether it is a gold bangle you always wear or a certain scarf you usually carry with yourself…. Figure out one thing that actually define your own personal style, and stick with it.


fashion style statement

Always try something different for you. We are not suggesting you to dress like a “it girl” but may you can wear a sequined top to work or jeans or t-shirt or anything else, Something out of your comfort zone, funky and fun.


 It will make you find something new and amazing about yourself…..and that is what style is all about.

Do You Agree We Are Moving Towards High Fashion in Pakistan?

High End Fashion

Now a day everyone is crazy about fashion. Electronic and social media are making people fashion obsessed because of the content they show. The couture shows having designers with vast popularity attracting people with their names and bring latest designer dresses.


As we have seen in recent times famous dress designers like Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz, HSY and many others are successfully taking people towards high fashion trends. Women in past few years are too much aware of prevailing fashion that love to talk about fashion than any other subject.


women fashion in Pakistan



Globally high fashion trend is not a new thing but in Pakistan people love to run after fashion, with the passage of time fashion is running like blood in their veins. Fashion Holics can’t live without accompanying growing fashion trends.
You must have witnessed growing fashion sense for males. Few years back , in Pakistan, there was less awareness about male dress designers but in present age we have Amir Adnan, Muneeb Nawaz, Humayaun and a lot more who are working brilliantly on male dresses and making them fashion concerned with their designs and styles. In recent times people were provocative but now it’s completely different. People are wearing what they actually want or like.


Men Fashion in Pakistan
Designer dresses at every event considered as status symbol. The groaning of fashion can be listened everywhere. Fashion was always considered as the important aspect of people’s life. It was a sort of social delimitation as in high society people wanted to show the financial strength by wearing clothes expensive for others.


online fashion trends






This trend has reached to its heights with the growing trends of online shopping in Pakistan. Now, people tend to have increased access to fashion news, portals, online fashion news channels etc.
It is fashion that creates and develops the identification of people, their way of living and opinions. The international brands like Michael Kros, Dolce&Gabbana, Nike or many others are very expensive but they are symbol of snobbery.
High fashion in any country is a matter of great concern because it goes with their psychological point of view they follow fashion to satisfy their basic demands of conformity and novelty. Fashion actually facilitate them and make them feel integrated in their society.


What does it reflect? It reflects that we are actually moving towards high fashion but they are having their own goods and bad. We should follow fashion trends but not run after them.


So, we believe that we should change according to fashion because there are different fashions for different situations even though you are the same person but with the change you can be perceived differently…. do you believe the same?

Black Friday Sale



Here comes the biggest shopping day- A day after Thanksgiving. The busiest shopping and traffic day of the year. This day is regarded as a day of holiday shopping season. Every Black Friday, you will witness almost all stores come out with Doorbuster Sales with early bird specials to attract the consumers to their stores. People stand in long queues to enter in the store even before the store is opened.


As the trend of eCommerce is emerging therefore, the online stores are also celebrating Black Friday. You have been noticing that Black Friday sales across the internet and has given new heights of these Black Friday deals online in Pakistan.


Black Friday 2016 in Pakistan


This year Black Friday is going to be celebrated on 25 November, 2016 however, online stores and brands they start marketing their Black Friday sales in October or early in November. Some stores have additional Black Friday doorbuster items that they only reveal on their website. You can find best Black Friday deals at Rewaj Bazar throughout the year, including right now. You can avail up to 50% OFF by clicking here. Every day is like Black Friday @ Rewaj Bazar so please bookmark & visit often!


Black Friday Sale Tips:

We would give some wonderful tips to get the maximum out of this sale day:

  • Decide what you want in advance. You cannot visit all the stores and cannot get early bird special so plan ahead where you want to go and what you need to buy.
  • Go with your friends and group of people, but everyone should go to different store. Each person going to any store may buy item for everyone else in the group.
  • Buy Only what you need – Fair deal
  • Park the car in the parking lot of nearby store where there is no sale. If you visit MM Alam road, then you would get the intensity of customers and long queues by this way, you won’t get stuck in BIG queue of people coming in and out to the main store.
  • Why do you want to visit stores when you have online stores? Online stores like Rewaj Bazar also offer huge discounts so don’t forget to land on their websites.


Don’t forget to lock your calendar this Black Friday and enjoy the biggest sales of the season.

Pakistan Wedding Season


The beautiful weather of the winter is approaching and ultimately the crazy wedding season Pakistan is going to start.

This is a craze to surpass all crazes! It’s the Pakistani Wedding Craze!!

This is the season when you will witness umpteenth wedding functions happening around the country. This is the season is full of shopping, Pakistani designer dresses, and pre-post wedding functions.


Wedding Season Pakistan


Before the season starts the sale of Pakistan designer and bridal dresses is always at its peak. Females are looking for latest trends of the season so they can look better from their counterparts.


This season gives a liberty to dress designers to launch their winter collections that will not only meet the requirements of the winter season but also these collections are so vibrant and colourful to complete your wedding shopping.


Winter Collections 2016

In winter 2016, leading brands like Firdous, Khas, Lala, and So Kamal have launched their khaddar and linen collections as their winter collection 2016. The moment you will see these Pakistani suits, you will instantly fall in love with them.


The beauty in the combination of colours, the intricacy in embroidery, and the ranges of collections to choose from; these are enough reasons to grab them instantly. They are stylish, chic and classy women’s clothes.

The Story of Khaddar

The season of Khaddar is on. Almost every women clothing brands in Pakistan has launched their khaddar collection. These collections are particularly launched every year for the winter season. However, very few people are familiar with khaddar and its history.

Khaddar or sometimes Khadi is a term for a hand-spun and hand-woven cloth from subcontinent region mainly made out of cotton fiber.


However, khaddar is also manufactured from silk and wool, known as khadi silk or woollen khadi respectively. In khadi silk, the ratio of khadi and silk fabric is 50:50. This fabric requires dry cleaning and it is shrunk 3% after first wash. Khadi silk provides a royal and rich look.

The cloth is usually woven on a spinning wheel called charkha. The Charkha and khadi has a long history. It is a small device that is used to spin fiber such as cotton, into yarn, and then weaving the yarn into fabric using looms.

Khaddar Collection 2016


That’s interesting that khaddar has links back to the Indus civilization around 2800 B.C. They had a well-developed tradition of textiles. The most prominent figurine is of the Mohenjodaro Priest King sculpture wearing a cloak over the shoulder with the patterns still in modern use.

Mohenjodaro Priest King sculpture


Khaddar was even used as a political movement in India before the partition. Gandhi made the Swadeshi Movement synonymous with khadi. This movement was a symbol of political agenda during the fight for independence against the British rule. It was primarily used as a mean to provide employment to unemployed rural population.


These days, female designers in Pakistan are launching their khadi winter collections because this fabric is particular known for its rugged texture, comfort, and the ability to keep warm in the winter season.


Pakistan Khaddar Collection 2016