8 Simple Fashion Advice & Style Tips on How to Look Fashionable

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“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.’’ You can’t get discouraged; when you are giving your inner style queen a room to breathe hopefully you will find her alive, bouncing and a lot to say to herself.

Sometimes it becomes irresistible and it can be hard to know what things to do all the time when there is so much information at your clearance.


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Clothing is a form of communication to a refreshingly comforting outlook on trends, these fashion tips will help to put your best step forward and also make you feel easy.


Do you know what types of dresses you need to wear?


Scroll down to read eight simple fashion tips for girls to follow on women’s fashion and style!!!


Clothing: a form of communication

There is a famous theory that no matter what you do in life, you are always communicating something.

Your outfit is not simply a thing with certain artistic demand; it is a form of self-expression.

Your clothing speaks a lot about you in your surroundings whether you show intentionally or not, so dressing is best tactic to some form of goal.

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Outfits: responses to social situations

Correspondingly how your clothing can communicate your ideas to people around you, they also serve as response to social situations.

There is always a reason when you want to dress yourself for office or certainly when you are going for a dinner party.

So, your clothing should be used as a symbol to show yourself to a social event or gathering and you should be confident of saying,

“I am present and ready for whatever is coming my way”


Fit: most important thing

You may have a trendiest or most expensive outfit to wear- but if the dress doesn’t fit you properly, you can’t look stylish at all.

All your efforts for the dress and money you have invested would have been wasted. The main fault of females in our society is not to accept their present body or figure regarding to which they commit a huge mistake.


Wear what fits you


In this respect, you have to figure out what looks good on you and besides everything confidence is the best accessory to make or break an outfit.


Jeans: worthy investment

It is very difficult to find a garment as widely embraced, worn and loved the whole world as jeans. Jeans are simple not complicated.


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People wear jeans in different ways; the most traditional styles remain among the most popular. You always needed quality denim in your closet to last you from year to year.


Dressing: half your personal, half your audience

We strongly believe that dressing should be an expression of your style itself. But it is completely wrong to ignore the settings you are going to be in.

As if you are interested in wearing a gown to office doesn’t mean it is okay for you to do so.

So it is advised to consider both your own desires and situations around you when getting dressed.



Trends: the right time to play with

Everyone always wants to try as many trends as they can or their heart desires, we never wanted to discourage them but there are always places to do so.

If you are going to attend a relative’s wedding, it must be the best time to wear latest fashion trends.

So trying out the trends is more appropriate for dressy but in formal occasions.


Seemingly tricks: change your look

Sometimes as simple as looping your belt a certain way or tucking your shirt in can make a huge difference in your personality or appearance.

Giant overhauls are not everything to make the cuff of your shirt or roll of your pants can totally transform you.

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Style signature: necessary tool

No matter what is your personal style, most importantly you should have a signature. Whether it is a gold bangle you always wear or a certain scarf you usually carry with yourself…. Figure out one thing that actually define your own personal style, and stick with it.


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Always try something different for you. We are not suggesting you to dress like a “it girl” but may you can wear a sequined top to work or jeans or t-shirt or anything else, Something out of your comfort zone, funky and fun.


 It will make you find something new and amazing about yourself…..and that is what style is all about.

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