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Do You Agree We Are Moving Towards High Fashion in Pakistan?

High End Fashion

Now a day everyone is crazy about fashion. Electronic and social media are making people fashion obsessed because of the content they show. The couture shows having designers with vast popularity attracting people with their names and bring latest designer dresses.


As we have seen in recent times famous dress designers like Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz, HSY and many others are successfully taking people towards high fashion trends. Women in past few years are too much aware of prevailing fashion that love to talk about fashion than any other subject.


women fashion in Pakistan



Globally high fashion trend is not a new thing but in Pakistan people love to run after fashion, with the passage of time fashion is running like blood in their veins. Fashion Holics can’t live without accompanying growing fashion trends.
You must have witnessed growing fashion sense for males. Few years back , in Pakistan, there was less awareness about male dress designers but in present age we have Amir Adnan, Muneeb Nawaz, Humayaun and a lot more who are working brilliantly on male dresses and making them fashion concerned with their designs and styles. In recent times people were provocative but now it’s completely different. People are wearing what they actually want or like.


Men Fashion in Pakistan
Designer dresses at every event considered as status symbol. The groaning of fashion can be listened everywhere. Fashion was always considered as the important aspect of people’s life. It was a sort of social delimitation as in high society people wanted to show the financial strength by wearing clothes expensive for others.


online fashion trends






This trend has reached to its heights with the growing trends of online shopping in Pakistan. Now, people tend to have increased access to fashion news, portals, online fashion news channels etc.
It is fashion that creates and develops the identification of people, their way of living and opinions. The international brands like Michael Kros, Dolce&Gabbana, Nike or many others are very expensive but they are symbol of snobbery.
High fashion in any country is a matter of great concern because it goes with their psychological point of view they follow fashion to satisfy their basic demands of conformity and novelty. Fashion actually facilitate them and make them feel integrated in their society.


What does it reflect? It reflects that we are actually moving towards high fashion but they are having their own goods and bad. We should follow fashion trends but not run after them.


So, we believe that we should change according to fashion because there are different fashions for different situations even though you are the same person but with the change you can be perceived differently…. do you believe the same?

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