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Here Are Makeup Kit Essentials For A Working Woman


Makeup kit – the most prized possession of women. Whether you’re a makeup learner or have been experimenting with cosmetics for years, it’s critical to have a collection with makeup essentials that will allow you to create a go-to everyday look.


makeup kit

After gaining the makeup basics, it is that much easier to effortlessly add more playful or fashionable makeup products to your collection and integrate them into your beauty looks.

To look beautiful and have flawless skin every woman knows the right tools to get through each day. Here are few not very hard to use products every working woman needs in her makeup kit.


Makeup Kit Essentials

A working women must have a ready-to-go makeup kit so she can have touch ups in her morning drive to her office. She also needs to touch up in office. Here is a complete list of makeup kit essentials that a working women need to carry with her:



A primer diminishes pores and creates a smooth base flawless for the rest of your makeup application.

This is a step you can skip if your skin is naturally faultless, but if you have any imperfections, it’s a tremendous product that will make your skin look wonderful.

Primer - beauty tips


Foundation is a skin coloured makeup used to apply on skin make it even and uniform to complexion. Foundation is one of most important products used in makeup.

Makeup foundation




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Black or brown mascara is necessary in everyday look. Mascara is useful in enhancing your beauty. It darkens, lengthens or defines eyelashes. It gives your eyes a fresh look despite of having a full hectic day.


Makeup kit Essentials

BB Cream

One of the necessary products now a day is BB or CC cream. These creams are having both the perfection power of foundation and moisturising skin care products. Above all, it provides you the feature of sun protection. It can be used as a sun block. It saves your while getting ready for office.

BB Skin protection Cream



There are two types of people one who uses kajal and other who don’t.

Kajal is made up of natural ingredients and organic in nature. It sooths eyes and protects them from infections. Kajal is not that much easy to apply but once you have perfection in it you can conquer world with your beautiful eyes.

Kajal is perfect for when you want to flaunt some look-at me charm.


Brow Pencil

A brow pencil is an essential product for those who are having light or uneven eyebrows. Brow pencils can be used to fill in the empty spaces in the brows and also they are necessary for the perfect smoky eye looks.  Use of brow pencil enhances your features.



If you are having terribly oily skin and need to control oil, you should have a good compact in you beauty kit. It would be a great addition to a working woman’s makeup kit because it will help you to avoid tensions of securing brushes etc. because you can apply compact with the sponge came with them. Compact makes your skin flawless as it adds an extra coverage over your skin. It is most appropriate for instant touch ups.

Compact Makeup

 Eye Shadows

For basic makeup collection, you should have a collection of natural tan and off-white eye shadows. These shades are perfect for everyday work look. Companies give you a collection of good and every type of colours in a pallet for perfect makeup novice. Once you guessed perfect complimentary shades for your eyes, you can conquer the world with you looks.

eye shadows - makeup kit for working women


A good and appropriate lipstick is a blessing for those who love to wear makeup during their working hours. You have to choose a proper lipstick according to your skin tone and skin type. Always choose a colour that goes deeper with your skin tone. You can use every type of colour but subtle colours look appropriate in office environment.

Lipsticks Beauty tips

Blush On

Blush on is useful in making your skin subtle and also it stimulates skin tone. Blush on is truly a magical makeup product. Adding some colour on your cheeks make you look prettier and more alive. Seriously! That’s because blush has the ability and the power to brighten up your entire face and highlight your visage with just a few strategically placed swipes. Blush is a major for lazy or hack people because its usage gives you a fresher at your working place.

Blush on

Makeup Wipes

Face cleaning wipes are easy to use because they have cleansing products already in them. They may be in dry or pre-moistened form having all essential elements required for skin cleansing. Even people having acne or sensitive skin issues can easily choose according to their skin type. For working ladies necessity of makeup wipes cannot be ignored.


Makeup wipes



Tweezers a small tool used for picking up small objects but in makeup we use them to pluck unwanted hairs of face or eyebrows. Having a pair of tweezers will help you to avoid back to back visits of salon to pluck unwanted hairs. It is one time investment as compared to threading or waxing.



Do you already have all of these makeup essentials? Are there any non-negotiable makeup kit products in your bag?

Also, is there any basic makeup products you think should be added to this list? What are some superfluous makeup products that you just love? 


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