Spring Wardrobe Essentials: What Women Need To Have In Their Wardrobe In This Spring?

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Wardrobe essential posts always remain most popular posts among all. People want to know what they need to have and what they supposed to omit in the coming season to manage their wardrobe according to latest spring 2017 fashion trends.

Looking upon changing weather winter is not yet gone, but we can plan what to wear and carry this spring season.


Spring 2017 Fashion trend

How we feel has a lot to do with how we dress, and vice versa. That is why we have to resolute to make our present best than the last.


We believe that whatever we choose to wear will have an impact how we feel and what we do.


With keeping that in mind there are few wardrobe essentials we are allowing ourselves to have in our closet.

Let’s think of the below pieces as how our Superwoman uniforms for Spring 2017 Fashion Trends:


Dhoti Shalwar

As we have seen on last year’s runway dhoti shalwar was one of the hottest pieces…. Top fashion labels remain unable to decrease the craze.

Dhoti shalwar is very casual to wear as well as formal because of the variety we have in its fabric, cuts and looks.

This would be best paired with boxy short shirts and cinched waists with heels or flats both. There are a lot of styles we can carry them.


Dhoti Shalwar - Spring 2017 fashion trends



Basic White Tee and Blue Jeans

This classic combination of blue and white never goes out of style and it is most probably the best springtime look.

Wearing this we can feel relaxed and stylish. It is most common among models and working ladies during spring. Nothing can beat the crispy white with stylish blue.


 Spring 2017 fashion trendsSource:  Pepe jeans



Fashion Sneakers

Fashion sneakers are essentials for every season but they are specially the fun time in spring season.

Go sporty because fashion takes a relaxed approach when it comes to shoes. Playing with patterns differently and metallic take this look to the different level.

 female fashion sneakers trends




Rocking with both eastern and western wear, khussas are definitely having fashion moments.

Indie fashion labels to the khussa wala in our nearby markets are having cute and trendy khussas.

Now are days we are having different works on khussas like emeralds on them or having patterns of animals and vehicles to make them funky and trendy but a pair of simple and plain leather khussa is worthless because it can go with everything everywhere.



Spring 2017 Fashion trend - Female Khussas



Glorious Choker Necklaces

This season one should be glorious and courageous in accessories department by adding some fascinating and glorious choker pieces in your wardrobe.

Beautiful accessories breathe life in your dressing. Statement pieces with metallic sheens and irregular shapes and patterns embellished with raw stones and crystals add glamour to your closet.

Spring Fashion 2017



Digital Printed Kurtas

As annual lawn craze prevailing everywhere but the place of printed kurtas is much cooler. Kurtas are perfect for ladies of all ages and preferences. They make you versatile and comfortable to make it portable with accessories.

Trend of kurtas is volatile and accepted globally. Experimentation in kurtas is increasing to match the demand and the taste of fashionists.


 Fashion Pakistan


The Cold Shoulders

The off the shoulder look is a great way of showing skin without showing too much.

Trend is morphing now in cut out shoulders, it is more versatile and subtle. They are taking fashion world by storm.

Experiment with different styles to introduce this fun trend to your wardrobe.


Spring Fashion Trends 2017


Structured Handbags

This year, hand bag styles are becoming more structured. Color wise white and pastel colors are more preferable.

Bright and coral bags are loveable as much as grey and blush. Black and cognac are classics; they can never go wrong with anything you carry.

 Spring fashion 2017



A good pair of sunglasses makes a nice fashion statement; of course they protect eyes although. Aviators are never considered out of style rather they are becoming trendier with time.

All optical frames are not as much trendier as are aviators.

Before wearing aviators you should be aware of the fact that “FOUR EYES ARE BETTER THAN TWO”.

Statement glasses with the entire embellished ring are much more in trends.


Spring fashion


Layerable Dress

Dresses with the tie around the waist are as trendier as they look. Basically, they are the easiest and most acceptable seasonal piece. Especially organza wraps are most in fashion from last year; their popping jackets are now popping up in cuts and shapes. They are just about volume and texture; when it comes to embellishment nothing can beat them.


Nabila Stylist Layerable Dresses


Final Thoughts…

It all depends on our necessity and availability of accessories and wardrobe in our closet. In this article we have discussed the essentials of spring that can add flavor in spice in our wardrobe; it will be fun to add some trendy pieces in our closet.

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