Lawn Collection 2017

Summer Lawn Craze? Do You Think It Is Worth?


The sun is heating up and the summer is knocking the doors.

Guess What!

Summer lawn craze is coming


Summer Lawn Collections

The season has to be seemed as enveloping the thoughts and senses of Pakistani fashion –  the summer lawn collections craze season.

With the arrival of March, a large number of huge billboards are easily approachable at the sides of roads with smiling ladies flashes upon you.

Summer Lawn Collection


Top Pakistani or international divas are ravishing you that you will look stylish or svelte and graceful in these Pakistani lawn suits.


Pakistan Women Summer Collection

A woman loves summers because of the lawn.



Each year when winter loses its grip, hundreds of fashion houses reveal their summer collections of “lawn” to an eager customers ranging from housewives and working women, to teenagers and schoolgirls. The competition of Pakistani lawn suits is getting more intense and demanding year by year.



Huge numbers of designers with summer lawn collections are in stores now varying from stuff to price range.


Before spring starts, electronic and print media got overloaded by designer’s ads. It’s a matter of great concern for every female to choose unique and stunning lawn outfits for the season.


Every brand is having their signature color schemes, fabrics, quality, patterns or designs. Some go with bright colors or floral designs whereas others focus on geometrical pattern and subtle colors.


Every year fresh designers and unique designs are launched to sharpen the styling and fashion sense of ladies.


“We look at brands, at designs, at colours, at cuts, at textures, even at who is wearing what to determine what will be the hottest number in the market for the year,” remarks designer Amir Ahmad, a great lawn producer in Pakistan.


Woman feels amazing when she wears a designer outfit. People are becoming brand conscious, they are concerned to wear branded clothes so that they seem to be more gorgeous, decent and impactful.


The biggest market players of lawn are Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, AlKaram, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Nishat Linen, Kayseria, Maria B., Firdous and Khas. There are a huge of lot of designers in market but they considered as the trend setters of fashion in Pakistan.


Summer Lawn Collections 2017


 “The bigger houses set the trends and the smaller mills then make cheaper copies. So it’s all about continuing to beat the competition by innovating and re-inventing,” says fashion writer Mohsin Sayeed.


With the entry of new designers in the lobby, the lawn obsession continues to grow at an alarming rate.


As a result this designer lawn craze has reached a whole new level with the manufacturers and retailers fully exploiting the craze.


Lala Summer Lawn Collections 2017

Is It Worth?

A major drawback of this is skyrocketing prices because of the designer label and huge publicity investment. Costumer is the one who has to bear these high prices, some do willingly but for others soon lawn will become a luxury item which will be unapproachable to a common person.


To spend that much on lawn suits is not bad but given the pushing, shoving and obsession, aren’t Pakistani women going a bit overboard every passing year?


People usually save their money for the sales of lawn. Designers launch their 3 to 4 collections a season. But before launching new collection there is a sale on last volume which is actually a good initiative who are willing to have new dresses economically.




there is also a drawback because with every new collection ladies take keen interest in buying new suits. Recently, we came through many news of cat fights between females at sales and launching of cloths.




Generally speaking we need to cut back on this lawn craze and resist this temptation.


Now it will be your decision whether lawn craze in Pakistan is worth it or not?    


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